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DADS & LADS survival basics is a great bonding session for Dads and their Lads (Dads and Lasses welcome too) 


The session is led by a team of ex-military instructors and survival experts who will ensure your family take away the fundamentals of how to survive in nature. 

Designed to work well for family groups to learn together, this course will involve the following: 

  • Forest hike to Base Camp and the log cabins. (500m)

  • How to find and purify water.

  • How to prepare a survival shelter.

  • How to start a fire using the basics of equipment or no equipment at all!

  • What best survival and safety equipment to carry with you for any outdoors situation. 

  • Basic outdoors first aid.

DADS & LADS SURVIVAL BASICS brings family members together in a close working relationship in order to achieve shared goals and tasks. These are skills that can be practised and talked about together for years to come! 


Based at the Green Mile Training Camp, a 110 acre private facility near Castle Coch, Cardiff.

If you're feeling fresh, then ask one of the instructors and he may let you have a dip in the cold water plunge pool. 

2 hours 

£45 - 1Dad + 1Lad​ 

£55 - 1Dad + 2Lads 

£65 - 1Dad + 3Lads 

£75 - 1Dad + 4Lads 

Ideal Christmas gift for your partner, kids, friends or family.  Why not get 3 generations involved!

Grandad, Dad and Lad counts as - 1Dad + 2Lads

Age - We suggest 6+, maybe 5 if the parent feels they're are ok to do it. 

Once your tickets are purchased you will be sent e-tickets and QR code, use the online booking form to book your preferred time slots. Courses start regularly from January 2022, and continue throughout the year.