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Well-being, Motivation and Team-building

for Business

Well-being, Motivation and Team-building

for Business


We work with you to create bespoke Wellness, Leadership & Team-building days, designed to help businesses better meet the needs of their staff, teams & goals.


- Meeting Space 

- Team facilitation days

- Motivational Health days

- Team-building day 

- Scenario based learning

- Health & well-being

- Senior leadership teams

- Mental health days

- Recruitment testing

110 Acre / Private Facility / Cardiff


110 acre / Private facility / Cardiff 

Using our 110 Acre health and well-being facility, We are able to cater for any desired outcome, whether that be Team facilitation days, Scenario based learning, Motivational Health, Team-building days or just creative Meeting Space,  All of our sessions and programmes are designed with you from the ground up, we put you in the drivers seat. We do not do of off the shelf, and we do not do boring. Every session is designed to your specifications, and your desired outcomes. 

From Health & Team-building days for Griffiths Construction, to monthly Motivational Health days for the NHS staff our away days create more productive employees, engaged team members, stronger leaders, and all round healthier and happier individuals. 

Michelle- CTHB NHS “ Thank you so much to the team from The Green Mile, for our team facilitation day today! You went above & beyond for us and I can’t thank you enough. The food was incredible and went down really well with the team, and the activities organised were perfect for our cohort! Appreciate you being so flexible with our day, and ensuring that everyone was catered for!”

Using our 110 Acre facility, we create bespoke corporate away days designed with your business in mind, in order to better meet the needs of your employees. Businesses use our private, serene location to hold off-site meetings, lunches, retreats, company away days, facilitation days and much more. 

We pride ourselves on our inclusive nature and ability to cater for each group that visit us. We have a vast range of activities to suit all, from Mountain Top Yoga, too Wim Hoff Breath-work, all the way to 4x4 driving. 





Problem solving 






Well-being / Leadership / Team-building.

Every activity has its own grading system-

PHYSICAL                           2

WELLNESS                          5

LEADERSHIP                       5

COMMUNICATION               4

TEAM-BUILDING                  3


Well-being / Leadership / Team-buiding

We have a vast range of actives to suit all, from Mountain Top Yoga, to Wim Hoff Breath-work, all the way to 4x4 driving. 


We pride ourselves on our inclusive nature and ability to cater for each group that visit us. 


You can either select one main focus for the day, or pick & mix from the different activities as you please.

Take a look at what activities we have to offer.

Julie- Welsh International Hockey “ Absolutely loved our survival skills at The Green Mile. Perfect for forgetting the hectic world outside and just getting back to basics in a stunning setting. Myself and the girls loved racing our team mates to build the biggest fire, and the team at the Green Mile are welcoming, knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend”

Give us a call and we can plan the day out with you and ensure that it is the ultimate health & team building day.


Nutritious / Organic / Locally Sourced


- Locally Sourced

- Welsh organic food

- All food requirements are catered for

- Range of delicious and nutritionally balanced foods

- CONVENIENCE without compromise

Green mile organic lunch


Nutritious / Organic / Locally Sourced

We believe that good food should not only taste excellent but do great things for your body. Nutritious foods are the building blocks for a healthy body and mind!


We have partnered with local supplier including Tidy Kitchen Co to provide fantastic food for all of our corporate events. All our food is prepared using fresh locally sourced ingredients and provide the nourishment that individuals need to strive and succeed.      

Set in either our woodland cabin, or beautiful Mountain studio, there is no better place to sit back and break bread with your colleagues.        

Laura- Tidy Kitchen Co “We have the joy of catering for a lovely company during events at The Green Mile, Such an excellent corporate retreat and team building experience and it was great to see people out the office really communicating. Proud to serve a fresh, honest and nourishing lunch. It’s really what we love!”

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